M 78

First set of real dark lanes I’ve processed (and it shows). M78 is a reflection nebulae, about 1300 ly away and about 5 ly across. There is so much detail in this area.

m 78 RGB v2

RGB 16 x 600 sec each sub, -20°C 1×1 binning.

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The Core of M42

You know its summer in the Southern Hemisphere when Orion is up at a reasonable hour. This Christmas was clear an the moon was full but with M42 being so bright the moon does not matter too much. Ive attempted to show more of the core than previously but its still a little to bright.

M42 - RGB v2
RGB 16 x 120 sec each sub, -20°C but this time 1×1 binning (could be the start of something new).

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Sculptor Galaxy

NGC 253 is a about 11.5 Million light years away, and its about 90,000 light years in diameter.

This shot is 10 each in RGB of 300 second subs @ -20C, 2×2 bin. First time I’ve used cosmetic correction to fix a dark column in the sensor.
NGC 253
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M17 – Swan Nebulae

M17 – the Swan Nebulae is about 5000 light years away and its about 15 light years across.
M17 Final

This image is taken in narrowband – 3nm HA, OIII, SII. Ha is mapped to Red, OIII is mapped to Green and SII is mapped to Blue. This is 66 subframes, 900 s each @ -20C, 2×2 Bin.

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M16 – The Eagle Nebulae

Update: Published in the Australian Sky and Telescope Magazine Nov/Dec 2018

Final M16 - 2

Final M16 - 2 -  Zoom

This is the Eagle Nebulae – M16. Ive taken a few liberties with the colours, its taken with narrowband (Ha, SII, OIII) filters anyway. The first photo is of the entire area – so you can attempt to imagine the eagle – and the second is more focused on the area called the “pillars or creation” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillars_of_Creation from the famous Hubble shot. You can see how the pillars actually look “deeper, 3D(?)” that the rest of the surrounding material.

It is 13 subs of HA, SII, OIII – 1200 sec each @ -20 2×2 Bin

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