NGC 3579

NGC 3579 (and friends) in narrowband – hubble pallette. Gear is found here, 900 Sec subs (8 each filter) 2×2 bin @ -20C.


Processed in PixInsight – still have my “L” plates on.

M20 & M21 in narrowband

This is M20 & M21 in narrowband, Hubble palette.

M20 M21 v2

NGC 6357 Narrowband

This is NGC6357 in narrowband, Hubble palette.

NGC 6357 v2

The sun

First real go at the Sun. Canon 5D, Willam Optics Megrez 72, Orion White filter. Photoshop processing was only unsharp mask and shadows/highlights.

sun jul 2014 v2