FLI Filter Wheel

There’s always something new to learn. I just got a set of Astrodon’s LRGB Tru Balance E-Series filters. I installed them in my FLI CFW3-10. The mechanics of fitting them was very smooth. The different width locking nuts is very clever. When I installed the filters I did notice a position 0 on the wheel and thought nothing of it. I setup the filters in positions 1-4, LRGB respectively. I then fired up Maxim and configured the filter wheel. Positions 1-4. I then proceeded to take a short series of unguided 180 second shots of M20. The pictures were lovely but when I combined them I noticed that the stars in the luminance frame where enlarged. Why? yes you guessed it, it appears that the filter wheel positioning counts from 0 and Maxim counts from 1. Same position.

Never mind, next time.