M16 v2


After ages away from the scope I had some time to snap M16 in a wider angle.   This is taken on my Tak FS 102 and QSI 583 WSG, in LRGB.

the 9 subs are 5 minutes each of LRGB at -12C, using Astronomik 2C LRBG filters.

Guiding using Maxim dl

See update below.

I’ve been trying for weeks to get guiding to work perfectly in Maxim DL. I’ve just upgraded to v5.22 in case it was a bug.

Here’s the scenario. I’ve recently added an 8 filter wheel extension to my QSI 583. I also added the guider port. I’ve attached my Orion autoguider (with lense) to act as an off axis guider. I’ve had real problems getting Maxim to calibrate the guider using the stars I’ve selected. With my combination I’ve found that with pixel intensities in the star of greater than about 160 then the little red L would appear reliably every time.

Over the last couple of nights nothing I did would get it to calibrate, even on the brightest stars. I tried replacing the USB cable (I was getting desperate), playing with the previously good settings but to no avail.

I went back to PHD and it worked first time on much fainter stars with the old cable. I know when I’m beaten PHD it is.

21/11/12 I’ve just acquired an ST-402 and got it working as a guider. Guess what all the problems experienced under Maxim dl guiding are gone. In short buy a better guide camera.