New scope!

So I finally gave up and brought a new scope, a Planewave CDK20 with a fused Silca mirror and an IRF 90 Focsuer/Rotator. I put the same old FLI Proline 16803 but it failed with a chip error within a month of operation, a new one is on the way. Below is the scope installed.


It’s installed at iTelescope.Net at Siding Springs, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia where the 3.9m AAT is. The guys have been unbelievably helpful, not just with the install but with all the new things that can take a little while to sort. There are a thousand thing that happen slightly differently when you are doing remote hosting of your scope. These guys have it all down pat. Setup of new filters, flat frames, etc.

My first image was M46 and friends. Isnt it a cute planetary? I finally have round stars. No more Rila Fast problems, yeah!


I cant wait to take additional images. I was doing 1 hour subs of Sharpless 308 when my FLI Proline failed (attempting to copy one of the masters Mike Berthon-Jones). Another month to wait until the new camera turns up.