M 78

First set of real dark lanes I’ve processed (and it shows). M78 is a reflection nebulae, about 1300 ly away and about 5 ly across. There is so much detail in this area.

m 78 RGB v2

RGB 16 x 600 sec each sub, -20°C 1×1 binning.

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The Core of M42

You know its summer in the Southern Hemisphere when Orion is up at a reasonable hour. This Christmas was clear an the moon was full but with M42 being so bright the moon does not matter too much. Ive attempted to show more of the core than previously but its still a little to bright.

M42 - RGB v2
RGB 16 x 120 sec each sub, -20°C but this time 1×1 binning (could be the start of something new).

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Comet 46P / Wirtanen

Behold the Comet 46P / Wirtanen. At a recurrence of every 5.4 years this comet is common, but its my first comet photo. What a pain learning a whole new technique for image capture and processing. Its only 1.2km across so its also tiny. Not much of a tail either, well at this stage. Taken Dec 08 2018.

This is 1 sub each of RGB at 15 sec (don’t you hate long focal lengths), -20C, 4×4 bin. No bias frames or flat frames, dark removal and a few processing steps only.

46P Wirtanen

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