Sky Temperature

The Sky temperature from my obsevatory roof. Sky Temperature. It feeds to a web server every thirty seconds or so which means I have months of history of sky temperatures in a database. Additionally I also have a weather station directly over the observatory.

Seeing tonight thanks to SkippySky

Or try current seeing conditions on 7Timer (Its a bit flaky)

An All Sky picture is below. The Starlight Xpress, Occulus All Sky Camera has no physical shutter, so I only take pictures at night. I’ve written some python code that sits on the Raspberry Pi reading from a LDR. When its dark it starts taking photos (60 sec exposure), it updates every 3 minutes or so (I’ve only got 700MHz). Try it: TimeLapse. Check out the circuit. The Raspberry Pi came from Little Bird Electronics

Yesterdays video of the night sky is available here (warning often > 120Mb): 24 hour time lapse

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